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Who is behind this anyway?

When I was a child, I would read comic books every morning, every day after school, and every night before going to bed. The crazy stories, the crossover interactions between characters who all had their own comic books, the humor, the action.

After each story, I would be left thinking about what would happen next, and what I would write if I were the one responsible for these characters… and I would let the writers and editors know what I thought. I wrote letters after almost every issue of my favorite comic books, and nothing brought me greater joy than to see my letters printed in later issues – from Superman to Transformers, from Batman to Dr. Strange, my letters appeared in many, many comics (so many that I lost count). I still have many of those issues in my basement, and whenever I see them, it’s a reminder of the interaction between childhood me and the writers, artists, and editors who created some of my favorite childhood memories.

That’s the kind of interaction we’re going for with Moosiverse.com. We hope this site – and the podcast that it partners with – will blossom into a community of storytellers, both with the characters that I already know will show up over the next several months of episodes, and with stories and characters you may create yourselves!

These stories have developed over five years of telling stories about Montgomery the Moose and friends to my three children – the oldest of whom was 7 when I started, and still loves this increasingly-crazy world at 12. My middle child was 3 when I started, and at 8 now he has known these stories for as long as he can remember – and he remembers details of stories that the rest of us have long forgotten. My youngest child wasn’t even born when I started, but joins in just the same. Their input and reactions to each story give real-time feedback that impact where the story heads, and now we’re opening this to the wider world, so while I know my own plans for where the story is heading, I’m excited for for the impact you will all bring to the journey, and all the new characters and extra sights we’ll see with you along the way!

– Ian Jackson, Writer and Host

Team Moosiverse

Send your stories by email, audio or video to hello@moosiverse.com; we’ll read (or play) some of your feedback in future episodes.

Executive Producer: Angel Jackson

Inspiration, Ideas, and Support: Sam Jackson, Matthew Jackson, and Emily Jackson

Audio Engineering: Trevor Whitaker Black – https://trevorwhitakerblack.com

Podcast Music: Easy Stroll by Jay-Man: http://www.ourmusicbox.com

Artwork: Phil Hodgkiss – http://rakishdesign.co.uk

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