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Ice Skating and Hot Cocoa

By Noah and Jen, from Massachusetts

One day, Montgomery the Moose and Montgomery the mouse decided to go to Silver Lake in Wilmington, MA. It was winter. The lake was frozen over when they got there. Montgomery the mouse was next to his friend. He started ice skating as soon as he hit the ice.

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Blotch’s Adventure with the Well-dressed Elderly Woman

By Ines (10), from Texas

Blotch was a special type of unpredictable horse. Like all unpredictable horses, he could teleport. But unlike all unpredictable horses, his fur changes color depending on his mood. Red meant mad, yellow meant happy, blue meant sad, you get the gist of it. But the most impressive color wasn’t a color at all. Blotch could turn invisible.

One mid-Autumn day Blotch was walking past Central Park. His fur was a bright yellow color. Many people were staring at him. Blotch couldn’t blame them. It wasn’t every day that people saw a peculiar yellow horse making his way around New York City. 

“Those people” Blotch muttered under his breath. “They aren’t aware of anything that happens outside their self centered lives”. It was true, though. Humans  didn’t know about Trolls, Goblins, Dragons, Fairies and many, many more.

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Benny the Bird

By Brad (9), from North Carolina

Benny the Bird, by Brad (9), from North Carolina

“Just a little higher, higher” said Benny, and the Moose stretched even higher.
Suddenly a CRASH! “Ouch! Are you okay?” said Montgomery the mouse.
“I guess so” said Benny.
“We will just have to wait here with him until his mother comes back. She will be expecting him here, so we can’t go looking for her.” Montgomery the mouse was very concerned that his mother might take a while.
“What shall we do for him while we wait?” Montgomery Mouse thought for a moment. Then Montgomery the mouse suggest that they carefully fling him like a sling shot up to the nest. So, they all walked slowly up to the flinging branch and study the angle.

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Montgomery the Mouse and the Pet Store

By Matthew (8), from Massachusetts

Montgomery thought hard.  He tried to squeeze through the bars of the cage, he couldn’t.  Then he noticed the keys.  If he took the keys he could get out.  When someone was walking by he reached out and grabbed the keys.  Now Montgomery had the keys but he could not reach through to the lock.  He needed help and he decided to ask a possum.  “Hey possum can you help us”?

“What do you need help with?” said the possum.

“Getting out of my cage,” said Montgomery.

“I’ll help you as soon as I get out of my cage,” said the possum.  The possum tried to use her tail to reach the keys, but it didn’t work.

They waited a couple of months and the possum had babies.  Once the babies opened their eyes the mommy possum had an idea. 

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Scary Shadows, Helpful New Friends

by Brad (9), from North Carolina

“Nice to meet you two.” Said the Squirrel. Straightening themselves up, Montgomery the Moose said, “I’m Montgomery and he is Montgomery.” 

“Hi, I’m Mike,” said the squirrel. “What? How do you both have the same name?” said Mike. “I guess our parents liked the name,” said Montgomery the Moose. “Hope you can tell us apart,” said Montgomery the Mouse.

Read the full story here!
Tales from Moosiverse HQ

Here at Moosiverse HQ, we recently discovered our four-year-old recording her very own Tale from the Moosiverse. We were too late to capture her word-for-word recreation of the TftM intro, but got the bulk of her story on video:

If you’re sending in a video or audio recording, please post it online on YouTube or elsewhere and send us the URL to embed it here; this ensures that you will be able to edit and remove it in future should you wish to do so.

* Please note that by submitting a story by email, you are agreeing that your submission may be read/played on the podcast. If you would like to write in but do not want your email to be read on the podcast, please let us know. For legal reasons, story ideas you submit using characters from the Tales from the Moosiverse series become the property of Tales from the Moosiverse, and may be incorporated into the series without payment.

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