Your Story: Noah and Jen, from Massachusetts

Ice Skating and Hot Cocoa

Ice Skating and Hot Cocoa

By Noah and Jen, from Massachusetts

One day, Montgomery the Moose and Montgomery the mouse decided to go to Silver Lake in Wilmington, MA. It was winter. The lake was frozen over when they got there. Montgomery the mouse was next to his friend. He started ice skating as soon as he hit the ice.

Montgomery the Moose tried to go ice skating too, but he was very heavy. Suddenly, there was a loud “CRACK!” Montgomery the moose fell into the cold water. He was so mad! He took his antlers and pointed them at the ice, swam and smashed it into two pieces. Luckily, he was not far from shore and he was able to get out. 

Montgomery the moose and Montgomery the mouse left the icy lake. Montgomery the moose said, “Boy, I could really use some hot chocolate to warm me up because I fell in the lake and I’m cold!” Both Montgomerys went straight to a hot cocoa shop, but it was closed. Luckily, the moose had strong enough hooves to break in the glass. When they got in, they saw hundreds of hot cocoa machines. They drank hot cocoa until they were warm and then they fell fast asleep.

Thanks so much, Noah and Jen, for sending this in! We loved thinking about Montgomery and Montgomery going ice skating, and it was really fun to think of them finding hundreds of hot chocolate machines! Stay tuned to Season 2 to find out what they think of… pizza!

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