Your Story: Matthew, from Massachusetts

Montgomery the Mouse and the Pet Store

Montgomery the Mouse and the Pet Store

By Matthew (8), from Massachusetts

(This story takes place before Episode 1 – The Magic Begins…)

Montgomery the Mouse was born in a bush with two brothers and two sisters.  He liked nuts to eat.  One day he was looking for nuts around the campground where he lived and he found nuts, “yum”.  He found a nut popped it into his mouth, it tasted sweet, he realized it was not a nut at all but chocolate.  He found that the best place to find more chocolate was in a cabin or house.  One time he found 3 whole chocolate bars in a cabin.

Houses have the most chocolate so he decided to try to find more houses.  One time he was looking for houses and a storm came so he ran and hid.  He didn’t know where he was.  He was in a house and he found chocolate!  A person said, “can we make chocolate chip cookies?” 

The dad said “sure”.  Then the dad reached for the chocolate chips and saw Montgomery the mouse.  “Aaaaaah a mouse; call pest control,” said the dad. 

The pest control guy came and tried to catch Montgomery in a cage, but he couldn’t.  He was using a net and tried to catch Montgomery, but he just missed every single time because Montgomery was dodging the swings of the net.  The pest control guy was angry, annoyed and tired.  But finally, he noticed that Montgomery liked chocolate.  So, he got some chocolate chips and put them on the ground and hid behind the counter.  Montgomery came over and started to eat the chocolate chips.  Then the pest control guy jumped out from behind the counter swinging the net and he caught Montgomery the mouse. 

He put Montgomery in a cage and brought him to a pet store.  He was put next to other mice and he noticed one of the other mice was his sister, Mary.  None of the mice knew how to get out. 

Montgomery thought hard.  He tried to squeeze through the bars of the cage, he couldn’t.  Then he noticed the keys.  If he took the keys he could get out.  When someone was walking by he reached out and grabbed the keys.  Now Montgomery had the keys but he could not reach through to the lock.  He needed help and he decided to ask a possum.  “Hey possum can you help us”?

“What do you need help with?” said the possum.

“Getting out of my cage,” said Montgomery.

“I’ll help you as soon as I get out of my cage,” said the possum.  The possum tried to use her tail to reach the keys, but it didn’t work.

They waited a couple of months and the possum had babies.  Once the babies opened their eyes the mommy possum had an idea.  She thought the babies could get out and get the keys.  “Be careful to not get seen, if you do the keys will get taken, “said the mom. 

They were all careful and unlocked her cage, she got out.  Then she and the baby possums dropped the keys and snuck over to Montgomery the Mouse’s cage.  She asked and he gave her the keys.  She unlocked all the mice’s cages and they snuck out of the building together. 

The End

Thanks so much, Matthew, for sending this in! We particularly enjoyed hearing about Montgomery the Mouse’s sister Mary, and meeting the possum. We laughed out loud at “They waited a couple of months…” I wonder if we’ll ever find out more about Montgomery the Mouse’s life from before he met the Moose that shares his name. Keep listening to find out!

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