Your Story: Brad, from North Carolina

Benny the Bird

Benny the Bird

By Brad (9), from North Carolina

Benny the Bird, by Brad (9) , from North Carolina

One day a baby bird named Benny was laying in his nest, when suddenly he fell out. He
chirped for help until Montgomery the mouse found him on the ground.

“Yikes a moose!” he said.

“it’s okay little guy” said Montgomery the moose.

“I’m not sure I can trust you.”

Then Montgomery the mouse said, “where is your mother?”

“I fell out of the tree while she has been away gathering food!” said Benny.

Well both Montgomerys were wondering if he was going to be alright and though for a
minute how they could help.

“I really just want my Mom right now. Should we go look for her?”

Montgomery the moose suggested that Benny on top of his tall antlers and try to reach his nest. So, Benny got on and the Moose stretched as far as he could to reach the branch with the nest.

“Just a little higher, higher” said Benny, and the Moose stretched even higher.

Suddenly a CRASH! “Ouch! Are you okay?” said Montgomery the mouse.

“I guess so” said Benny.

“We will just have to wait here with him until his mother comes back. She will be expecting him here, so we can’t go looking for her.” Montgomery the mouse was very concerned that his mother might take a while.

“What shall we do for him while we wait?” Montgomery Mouse thought for a moment.
Then Montgomery the mouse suggest that they carefully fling him like a sling shot up to the
nest. So, they all walked slowly up to the flinging branch and study the angle.

“By the way are you a crow?’ said Montgomery moose. Then Benny said, “No I’m a raven. I’m bigger than a crow and when I grow up my wings span will be almost four feet. We also sound different than crows when grown up. They kind of make a cawing sound but not me!”

“Oh!” said Montgomery Moose, he hadn’t realized there was so much to learn about birds.

“Wait, wait!” said Montgomery Mouse. “Maybe we better not help fling him back up to the
nest. Maybe he isn’t grown enough yet. He could fall again. Let’s just stay with him here on the ground and keep him safe and wait for mother Raven. She will know what to do.”

Thanks so much, Brad, for sending this in! We laughed a lot at the idea of Montgomery and Montgomery flinging Benny up like a slingshot! And now we’re curious – will Benny the Bird ever meet Mike the Squirrel up in the trees? If you write that story, we’d love to read it!

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