Your Story: Brad, from North Carolina

Scary Shadows,
Helpful New Friends

Scary Shadows, Helpful New Friends

By Brad (9), from North Carolina

(This story takes place after Episode 3 – The Big Yellow Machine)

When the excavator sunk the two friends ran away. The workers were very shocked that the excavator was gone! They wondered what happened. They got very mad indeed. “What happened?” they asked each other.

Luckily the two Montgomerys ran away. “I want chocolate. That running made me hungry.” said Montgomery the Moose. “Okay, let’s go try to find some snacks” said Montgomery the mouse. “How about some Smurs?” said Montgomery the Moose. “It’s not Smurs, it’s S’mores! As in ‘Some Mores!”

Suddenly a dark shadow appeared and ruined their plan. “Yikes!” said Montgomery the Mouse. But it was only a bushy tailed squirrel. Montgomery the Mouse was so startled he fell of Montgomery the Moose’s back onto the ground. “Oww!” he said. “Are you okay?” said the squirrel. “I’m okay” he groaned. “Nice to meet you two.” Said the squirrel. Straightening themselves up, Montgomery the Moose said, “I’m Montgomery and he is Montgomery.” 

“Hi, I’m Mike.” Said the squirrel. “What? How do you both have the same name?” said Mike. “I guess our parents liked the name” said Montgomery the Moose. “Hope you can tell us apart” said Montgomery the Mouse. “I suppose so” said Mike the squirrel.

 “We are looking for a place to find some snacks, especially some chocolate if we can” said Montgomery the Moose. “I can help if you would like” said Mike. “Alright then, let’s go!” said Montgomery the Moose.  Mike the Squirrel was excited to have made new friends, but he had a favor to ask. Shyly he said, “after we find some chocolate would you help me find acorns for the winter?” “Yes” said Montgomery the Moose. “Well alright then it’s settled” said Mike. 

Later in the wood it was starting to get darker. “I can hardly see” said Montgomery the Mouse, “but alright we are here.” “Yay!” Said Montgomery the Moose. “There is a whole lot of chocolate here” said Mike the Squirrel. “Thanks for being our friend. After we have our snack let’s find those acorns before it’s too dark” said Montgomery the Moose.

<What happened next???>

Thanks so much, Brad, for sending this in! We particularly enjoyed meeting Mike the Squirrel, and laughed out loud at Montgomery the Mouse saying, “Hope you can tell us apart.” Montgomery and Montgomery will be meeting more forest animals soon – keep listening to meet them yourself!

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