Your Story: Ines, from Texas

Blotch’s Adventure with the Well-dressed Elderly Woman

Blotch’s adventure with the well-dressed elderly woman

By Ines (10), from Texas

Blotch was a special type of unpredictable horse. Like all unpredictable horses, he could teleport. But unlike all unpredictable horses, his fur changes color depending on his mood. Red meant mad, yellow meant happy, blue meant sad, you get the gist of it. But the most impressive color wasn’t a color at all. Blotch could turn invisible.

One mid-Autumn day Blotch was walking past Central Park. His fur was a bright yellow color. Many people were staring at him. Blotch couldn’t blame them. It wasn’t every day that people saw a peculiar yellow horse making his way around New York City. 

“Those people” Blotch muttered under his breath. “They aren’t aware of anything that happens outside their self centered lives”. It was true, though. Humans  didn’t know about Trolls, Goblins, Dragons, Fairies and many, many more.

Blotch was having a swell time. Many Unpredictable horses liked New York City. Blotch looked down and was surprised to see that he was turning a deep purple color. He looked up again and saw that everyone was staring daggers at him. Even the cars stopped moving ( not that they were moving very much with all the traffic).

Blotch galloped into the park seeking shelter from the humans. But in there, there were even more humans! Panicking, Blotch decided to teleport up high. Blotch closed his eyes and was instantly removed from the park and placed on a balcony high up above. The chilly wind ruffled his mane. Blotch took in a deep, refreshing breath.

“GET OUT! GET OUT” yelled a voice from behind him.

Blotch turned to see a well-dressed elderly woman yelling at him. Blotch, how was frightened, closed his eyes. He opened  them to see he was back in Central Park.

Thanks so much, Ines, for sending this in! We loved the idea that there might be several Unpredictable Horses. And like Blotch mentions about the people he sees, we wonder how much magic we miss around us every day! If you haven’t yet heard the final episode of Season 1, Episode 13, you might want to listen to that to learn more about the Unpredictable Horse who has appeared throughout Season 1, and then stay tuned to Season 2 to find out if more Unpredictable Horses show up!

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