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Deep in the woods of Maine…

— Tales from the Moosiverse, Episode 1: The Magic Begins…

Welcome to Tales from the Moosiverse. We’re glad you’re here. Take a listen to Episode 1: The Magic Begins…, and subscribe to the Tales from the Moosiverse podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and more.

We’d also love to hear your stories! Send in your story ideas by email, or record your own stories – we’ll include some here on the site, and include snippets in future episodes of the show! Send your stories to hello@moosiverse.com.*

Here at Moosiverse HQ, we recently found four-year-old Emily recording her own Tale from the Moosiverse:

* Please note that by submitting anything by email, you are agreeing that your submission may be read/played on the podcast. If you would like to write in but do not want your email to be read on the podcast, please let us know. For legal reasons, story ideas you submit using characters from the Tales from the Moosiverse series become the property of Tales from the Moosiverse, and may be incorporated into the series without payment.


Apple Podcasts and Timestorm

It was very exciting to go on the Apple Podcasts homepage for Kids & Family just now, and see Tales from the Moosiverse right there in the “Stories for Kids” section, next to our new friends from the Timestorm podcast. The creators of Timestorm were also our neighbors at the PodTales festival over the weekend, and were gracious enough to answer all my questions about creating a podcast for kids. Timestorm is about two Puerto Rican twins who are pulled into a time travel adventure to preserve their culture’s true history. Definitely check them out if your kids are on the older end of our audience.

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