Bugsy & Righty’s Adventures

by Matthew J.

Bugsy was a robot designed to carry heavy crates for the quokka empire, but he was full of glitches, so he was thrown into a crate for a long long long time (almost 3,000 years). 

Somebody accidentally bumped into the crate one day, which woke him up. They didn’t realize that he was awake, so they kept going. Bugsy woke up and thought, “why is it dark?”

After that, Bugsy realized he was in a crate and broke out. He escaped the warehouse thinking he hadn’t been seen. He was actually seen by Wade, the giant robot dragon, who was escaping prison. Wade got distracted by Bugsy, and ended up getting caught by the Quokka King and thrown right back in prison.

Bugsy decided to travel the world to find his place. His everyday life consisted of: wake up, walk around looking for a place to stay, and usually not finding one. If he does, he stays there for a few days, and meets many interesting characters, including a dragon with a unicorn horn named fred (a.k.a. A draagaacorn).

While traveling the world, Bugsy found another robot called Righty, who said “Wait, I think I know you!” When they talked through it, they discovered they were made in the same factory at the same time, for the same test, but when Bugsy had been put in a crate, Righty had been released, and has been traveling this world – and others – for almost 3,000 years. He had decided to come back home now that he was older. He takes Bugsy into his apartment to live with him, but he finds Bugsy annoying and lazy. Righty then has to go back to work for his creators because he doesn’t have enough money to support both of them.

A while later The factory that made Bugsy & Righty, made a new robot (74282) out of the same metal, Bugsy & Righty were made of. It did not go well, after it had passed the tests, the other robots left the room and he escaped!. Bugsy & Righty go on an adventure to find him. First they asked the factory workers if there were any clues. there were.


1: 74282 left a note: “i don’t want to work for you,” signed 74282.

2: There are footprints going out of the factory but then they disappear.

Bugsy & righty think 74282 must have flown away on sumpthing “first thing’s first” said Bugsy “we have to find out how he flew away” but they first went to see the Quokka King.  “The robot, he must have escaped, he must have flown away,” said Bugsy.

The Quokka King was not listening.  He said, “the only flying I know of is that of Wade the Dragon who just escaped again.”

Then Bugsy and Righty had the exact same thought at the exact same time. “What if 74282 had flown away on Wade’s back?”

So they decided to set a trap because they knew in a few hours Wade would come back to try and become king again.  They set a trap for 74282 because if he was still on Wade’s back they could get him when he came back.  So they waited and got him back, brought him to the factory and changed his code a little so he would not run away again.

The End

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