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The Big One

by Kensie S.-W.

I was watching The Mandalorian (chipmunk edition) with  Coconut. He was drinking coffee with the remote on his tiny lap. I reached for it and he slapped me. We both were laughing when an ad said “Giant robot dragon attacking NYC”. When I finished reading the subtitles I leapt up, snatched my weapons and armour and bolted out the door. I didn’t even wait for the elevator. I just smashed a hole in the wall with my shield and dived out the hole. When I hit the ground I rolled to my feet and started walking around the city. “I wish the ad told me where he was”. I thought. I turn a corner and see a stand with foreign letters on the sign.

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Great Morning to You

by Mattea F.

Tomo woke up at 6:00 A.M. on a sunny Thursday. He went downstairs to his grandma to eat the breakfast she prepared him. After he ate and said his good mornings, he climbed all the way up the stairs to his room. He put on his prosthetic arm and got dressed. After he got ready for school he called Leo to see where he was. You see, ever since kindergarten Leo’s mom (Jessica) drove Leo, Tomo, and Marrisa to school. Everyday unless she ways sick or on vacation. And then after school, Everyone would go to Tomo’s house for food and homework. Then on weekends in the summer they would go to Marrisa’s family cabin. They had a great schedule and were an awesome team. They were a family.

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A Day in the Life of a Dragacorn

by Aaron D.

He eats spicy ramen (his favorite food which has a scoville heat scale of 1,569,437) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For dessert he eats fireball candy (which has a scoville heat scale of 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.)

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Bugsy & Righty’s Adventures

by Matthew J.

Bugsy was a robot designed to carry heavy crates for the quokka empire, but he was full of glitches, so he was thrown into a crate for a long long long time (almost 3,000 years). 

Somebody accidentally bumped into the crate one day, which woke him up. They didn’t realize that he was awake, so they kept going. Bugsy woke up and thought, “why is it dark?”

After that, Bugsy realized he was in a crate and broke out. He escaped the warehouse thinking he hadn’t been seen. He was actually seen by Wade, the giant robot dragon, who was escaping prison. Wade got distracted by Bugsy, and ended up getting caught by the Quokka King and thrown right back in prison.

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The Story of Slendy Man

by Pryce F.

Slendy wakes up to his woodsy crater. As soon as he wakes up, he goes to find his first victim of the day. A human.

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