The Story of Slendy Man in the Spooky Spooky Woods

by Pryce F.


Name: Slendy 
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
What do you know: NOTHING

A day as Slendy:

Slendy wakes up to his woodsy crater. As soon as he wakes up, he goes to find his first victim of the day. A human. How does Sleny man kill? 

Weeeeeeeeell this is how First he screws on his tentacles or his line thingys I don’t know then he just sticks it right through the human that he wants to eat it looks juicy and then he’s eat’s like a tarantula. He’s been on this guy for a hundred years But he’s dead now so Slendy man was pretty sad because he was really really fat and juicy. What happened to his family well once there was a really nice family then there’s a cockroach that came into the house and it took Control of Slendy man / James and that’s how. End credits: Nothing

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