Great Morning to You

by Mattea F.


Age: 15 (and a quarter)
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: Not your business
Wears glasses: Yes
Disabilities: Farsighted, Arm Amputee, Dyslexic
Dating: Single as a pringle
Favorite color: Magenta
Gender: Boy/Man
Characteristics: Studies, funny, nervous, coward, not even close to hero material, humble (I hope), kind (I think)
Has a best friend: Leo(see below) and Marissa

Age: 15 (and a half)
Height: 6ft 5in
Weight: 150lbs
Wears glasses: No, he’s not a geek
Disabilities: Too perfect
Dating: Maya (“Hottest girl in town”)
Favorite color: Blue (“coolest color ever”)
Gender: MAN
Characteristics: Brave, cunning, failing at school (doesn’t matter cause the teachers love him), rich, boogie, PERFECT hero materiel, (also conceded if you couldn’t tell)
Has a best friend: Any and everyone (mainly Leo and Marrisa)

Age: 15 (and 10 weeks)
Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: NEVER ask a WOMAN that
Wears glasses: Nah contacts are better
Disabilities: Antisocial?
Dating: I’m better on my own
Favorite color: Black. Like my soul, makeup, and clothes (basically everything I own/do)
Gender: Female
Characteristics: Antisocial, goth, bookworm, extremely close to her mom and little sister, mature(but can be a party girl), doesn’t show emotion
Has a best friend: Leo and Tomo

Great morning to you:

Tomo woke up at 6:00 A.M. on a sunny Thursday. He went downstairs to his grandma to eat the breakfast she prepared him. After he ate and said his good mornings, he climbed all the way up the stairs to his room. He put on his prosthetic arm and got dressed. After he got ready for school he called Leo to see where he was. You see, ever since kindergarten Leo’s mom (Jessica) drove Leo, Tomo, and Marrisa to school. Everyday unless she ways sick or on vacation. And then after school, Everyone would go to Tomo’s house for food and homework. Then on weekends in the summer they would go to Marrisa’s family cabin. They had a great schedule and were an awesome team. They were a family. Once Leo arrived at Tomos’s house, he ran in to give Tomo’s grandma a kiss on the cheek and grab breakfast. Usually, Marrisa was still asleep or getting ready by the time the boys arrived. It took her a full hour to get dressed, shower, and put her daily makeup on! So around 6:30 A.M. the boys quietly knocked on Marrissa’s back door. She let them in and they sat and talked about homework, school, and life in general. Today they had bagels with cream cheese and locks for breakfast. The boys always brought Marrisa whatever Tomo’s grandma had made that morning.  Thankfully, they all only lived about 5 minutes from one another. After they ate they would walk a couple of blocks down to the bus station. School started at 7:45 and they normally got to school at 7:30. Enough time to check into their classes and get the needed books. Leo and Marrisa had all the same classes, the only class that Tomo had but they didn’t was special ED. Tomo went to special ED to get help for reading and writing. Which took 30 minutes out of his 45-minute lunch. Leo and Marrisa would work on their writing homework during that time. At the end of the school day (which was 4:15) they would meet outside for their extracurriculars (Leo took football and baseball, Tomo did cross-country and chess club, and Marrisa played soccer and basketball) Since they all only took 2 extracurriculars, they would be done at 6 P.M. Then Leo would get picked up by his mom to eat dinner at his mansion. And Marrisa would ride the bus over to Tomo’s to eat dinner with his family most nights. After dinner, Tomo would walk Marrisa back to her house where they did homework with Leo. And on Friday nights, they would have Star Wars and Harry Potter movie marathons. And that was all,

Good night!

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