The Big One

by Mekensie S.-W.

I was watching The Mandalorian (chipmunk edition) with 

Coconut. He was drinking coffee with the remote on his tiny lap. I reached for it and he slapped me. We both were laughing when an ad said “Giant robot dragon attacking NYC”. When I finished reading the subtitles I leapt up, snatched my weapons and armour and bolted out the door. I didn’t even wait for the elevator. I just smashed a hole in the wall with my shield and dived out the hole. When I hit the ground I rolled to my feet and started walking around the city. “I wish the ad told me where he was”. I thought.

I turn a corner and see a stand with foreign letters on the sign.

At the stand I spot some dude with a weird coat and glasses and he says “you wanna learn some magic”? I point to my ears and he understands. He signed “you wanna learn some magic” i gestured “yes but i already have some nova power”. He signed “Okay great what star did you get it from?” I signed “It is from the Corp star”.

He signed “Hmmm that’s a good one but I can give you the power of the Dinjaroine mega star”.  My jaw drops. “That is the most powerful star in most of the universe!”  I signed, “Okay that would be awesome but why are you giving it to me? How much do you want?”. He signed, “It’s free and I’m giving it to you because I know of all the great deeds you have done for the planet, now reach out your hand.” I did so. He starts drawing something in the air with a crimson orb in his hand. He signed, “it will be in your power now, but we need to get it on your weapons and armor.” I take off all my weapons and armor and he cracks the orb on the table and it melts onto my stuff. He signed, “okay i will show you how to control it”. After ten boring minutes of him showing me different blasts and powers I sign, “I think i’ll stick with using them through my weapons.” He signed, “Okay that works too.’ I waved and walked away. I ambled into an alleyway which was a villain hot spot and I saw nothing. But just as i turn around i heard a hissing and I saw a weird spider that was as big as I was. It looked  at me and hissed and growled at me.

I charged at it and sliced its head off with my sword and a green goo gushed out but the other limbs are still charged i sliced it up but they just kept coming i got fed up and smashed my sword into the  ground as I thought it would have done nothing but it made a shockwave that turned  the spider to dust  and knocked me back. The dust from the spider started whirling into a portal and pulled me in!

I saw a giant wall I walked past it when suddenly I was miles away then I was through the door and I  walked into a weird castle. I walked into a see-through barrier like a wall then it stung me so I went into the only room  and a warlock made me roll some heavy dice and I needed to get a ten to get back to my normal world but if I got any other number a bad thing happened. I got seven and giant rocks rolled to me and I spun around and sliced all them up. My eyes went red and I lifted them all up with power and turned them to smoking dust. The warlock looked at me and his jaw dropped and ran to the gate, and with trembling hands opened it. I dropped through a portal and appeared at a store.

I started buying groceries with Coconut who i realised he had hid in my helmet the whole time.

I grabbed some nuts, peppers, trail mix and avocados. When I cashed out and put the stuff in my pickup truck I saw something weird.. A giant robot dragon was destroying New York City! 

I tapped my back and my armor and weapon came on me.

Coconut dived into my helmet and went to sleep. I climbed onto the robot dragon’s head and stabbed my sword into his eye. He screeched and shook me off. I went crashing to the floor. He lifted his foot to smash me and I leapt out of the way. But he did it again and I lifted up my shield and blocked it and he was smashing me to the floor. I was able to hold his foot long enough so I could take the sword I got from Slayer and wrenched it into the dragon’s foot. He screeched and started limping away. I thought I had got him when he turned around and shot molten metal lava at me. But it was nothing to my nova shield and armor. I blocked it and threw a dagger at his last good eye. It hit him and he was blind, now both of his eyes were streaming with blood. He limped to me because he could still smell and I started leaping around slicing him. But he was made out of metal. The heat of my sword only made him melt back into and out of shape. It was useless. The only part he couldn’t fix was his eye.

He only did not fix his foot because my sword was jammed in it.

Suddenly, he tripped onto my car and the grocery bags went flying into his mouth while he was roaring. For some reason he screeched and said “Avocados ahhhhh I hate avocados” and limped off pouting “I should have won that no you meany I won get wrecked Wa Waaaaaaaaaaaa”. I shrugged and bought the food again. I got an Uber and rode home. I found a free impossible whopper stand and ate them all and

I walked along the street back to my home and saw Coconut sitting with his chipmunk friends. They were eating a feast of nuts. They all waved and I smiled. I laid down and went to sleep in my nice cozy bed.

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